Student Potted Histories

We are adding some potted histories on these pages as you may find them useful and identify with many of life’s experiences.  Maybe use them to write your own and submit them to us for these pages.

In due course we can (with your permission) connect it to your own showcase page of images (images/movie-clips/illustration/animations/sculpture/poetry/music in fact anything you have been connected with).  If you wish please add your eMail maybe a website and any social media addresses.  Thank you!

Watch these page(s) as we will upload potted histories as they arrive and permissions given:

Please send yours

Macolm & Riri Barker (nee Girardon) (66-69) ITALY

Malcolm & Nicolette_s Malcolm_s Riri_s

Martin Grigg  (66-69) AUSTRALIA

Martin Grigg _s MartinGrigg_s