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Studio at Ealing School of Photography (now University of WEST LONDON)
images of the old studios/darkrooms, student photo sessions, tutors and associated info would be welcome.

Also – we are considering showing pictures of past tutors – with a little back-ground to their careers.  Some of John Still’s own pictures were recently discovered from a sale on eBay!  More news after this web-site revamp 

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History (continued)

1928 – Ealing Art School and Technical Institute moved into premises in Warwick Road.

 1966 – The most active group of alumni started their course on the 26th September at the Ealing School of Photography part of Ealing Technical College.

 1977 – Ealing Technical College became Ealing College of Higher Education.

 1991 – The Polytechnic of West London came into being on 1 July 1991 following a merger of Ealing College, Thames Valley College in Slough, Queen Charlotte’s College of Health Care Studies and the London College of Music.

 1992On the 4th June the Polytechnic became The Thames Valley University.

 2011On the 6th April the university changed its name to The University of West London.

Here are some photo’s taken of the class of 1966-1969

Class of 66
Class of 66

John Boston, Ray Daffurn, Denys Scheutzer, John Habes, Diane Cuppleditch, Michael Brown, Yvonne Plaut, Martin Grigg, Riri Giradon, Phill Davies.

Class 66
Class 66

James Holmes, Gabe Munro, Ivar Greftegreff, Steve Knight (deceased), Leon Kysurski ?, Cathy Jones (Welsh), Miggy Huggins, Janet Horne, Simon Hellier, Jimmy Melville (South African), Mike Francis.

Picture missing Group 3 – can anyone provide?

Tony Heathcote, Richard Winslade, Libby Palmer (nee Sagar), George Taylor, Patrick Walmsley (deceased), Andy Hay, Franki Filose, Robert Harding, Rod Thomas, Chris Thomas, Jenny Philpott, Peter Foss, Dave Williamson.

Photo’s of the following years intake 1967-1970 below

Class 67
Class 67

Others group photo’s of classes will be added as and when sent to us