You never know what you will find here!  Most will be images but not just photographic.  All of us were trained as ‘image-makers’ whether photographic or otherwise.

Interspersed here you may find illustrations, movie-clips, sculpture, poetry and images depicting work that often – has very little to do with photography.  It is your Gallery and we want to make it special to our Alumni Group.  Enjoy – but importantly – please continue to contribute.

Blue 1950's vehicle Havana Cuba

Blue Bicycle Havana        ©oneyeshut

Check these page(s) out occasionally as we are expecting to upload selected work on a regular basis.  The Gallery will have one of your preferred images as a button to reveal your own page(s) of images/music/illustrations/creations together with your contact details if you wish.  Please make this happen.

We would love to hear from you and past and present students will be interested to see any of your work and hear about your experiences – see Student Potted Histories and please send in your own soon.

Male Torso model/sculpture

Site Icon taken at ESP May 10th


Riri & Macolms commercial work:

From the Girardon Studio Italy – all images here are copyright © and in low resolution – however, Girardon Studio are happy to supply high resolution images for commercial or editorial use under their normal terms of business.  Please contact the below directly:




John Boston’s Images – found in his loft February 2018 

(most of these were taken in 1968!)

A mixed bag of retrospective and amusing images mostly captured ‘candidly’ by John between 1967 – 69