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Ealing School of Photography (now The University of West London) would love to hear from ex students associated with the photographic school.  Tell us what’s on your mind, good or bad.

Whatever it is please ask to be subscribed to the Alumni Group.

*If appropriate and you wish we would love to have your  potted history so far – to put here on our website (when we have enough we will link your history with your eMail & website if appropriate and we have your permission).  In turn this may be linked to examples of your work selected for the Alumni Gallery.

It will undoubtedly reach many of the students you used to share classes with and perhaps have lost touch for one reason or another.  In my own group 66 to 69 there were no mobile phones, no Facebook and social media to enable communication which tends to be so swift and simple now.  This website could be your route to finding out where your classmates are – and/or what has happened over the past 50 years or so…

Once we have a series of potted histories (say over 15 or so) we will create a new page to house the collection.  Please make this special.  We understand that many of you may have started in Photography or associated work but then found that another type of work suited you more.  Whatever it is – we would like to hear about it.  Your experiences will help those just starting on their life’s journey too and be a source of interest to many others. 

We respond to all student feedback and look forward to hearing from you!